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Welcome to LADYBOY SHOWS... Bangkok, Pattaya & Phuket
Cabarets & Shows performed by talented ladyboys...

Calypso Cabaret Mambo Cabaret Playhouse Theater
Bangkok - Calypso Cabaret
Calypso Cabaret Show at Asiatique offers you one of the delightful experience you can find in the land of smiles. The theatre is decorated with rainbow neon lights with capacity of 350 seats, with groups of five around each table. Enjoy Chinese love songs, Korean pop, Japanese geisha dancing and Marilyn arrives on stages in her sparkly dress .

Bangkok - Mambo Cabaret
Last Vegas Style performance from hit musicals like Moulin Rouge, Chicago and tributes to pop stars like Pussy Cat Dolls, Spice Girls Comic Impersonations, to enchanting music from Asia and much more. Bangkok Mambo club hosts the Queen of dragshow cabarets, featuring all the glitz, glamour and over-the-top antics you expect, but in a professional, mainstream setting.
Bangkok - Playhouse Theater
For more than an hour, take in songs that range from Michael Jackson to Gene Kelly while professional dancers will keep you spellbound with spectacular moves and well-choreographed pieces. Handsome boys and pretty girls as well as glamorous ladyboys pirouette, dance and sing to perfection and an evening here features limitless sparkle and razzamatazz.


Alcazar Cabaret Tiffany Cabaret Simon Cabaret
Pattaya - Alcazar Cabaret
Pattaya has been well known for ladyboy shows. Extravagant costumes, convincingly stunning ladyboys, spectacular stage sets are all part of eye catching show that delights you with non-stop fantastic entertainment, from the Russian stage to K-Pop to Persian Harlem and even outer space. Whether you are in for the beautiful 'ladies' or the show, you'll get your money worth at Alcazar.

Pattaya - Tiffany Cabaret
Tiffany has grown into a World class spectacular show visited by audiences from all corners of the world.Tiffany Show was voted no.4 in the TOPTEN BEST SHOWS to see around the world. The incredible, talents of the transvestite, transgender community, all drawn from the provinces of Thailand are showcased in a show full of exotic spectacular scenes, the latest technical lighting and sound.
Phuket - Simon Cabaret
Phuket's Simon Cabaret has become one of Southeast Asia's outstanding entertainment attractions drawing a thousand enthused visitors from around the world each evening. A single show runs the entire range of musical theatre from cultures around the world. Extravagant costumes, make-up and sets take the audience from Egypt to Latin America to China and back to Thailand in themed displays of classical dance and song.

DAILY 07:30-12:00
DAILY 13:00-16:30

This city landmark should be the first palce to visit when you visit Bangkok. It is a huge compound surrounded by high white walls and occupies and area of about a square mile. The Royal Palace begun in 1782 when Bangkok was founded as the capital of Thailand.
Price: 1,450 baht
DAILY 7:30-12:00
This popular attraction is 80 kms west of Bangkok. Everyday hundeds of vendor boats crowd the market area in the early morning till noon. Visitors can also travel around by boat to see the local village, and the way of life of the people in the countryside.
Price: 1,200 baht
DAILY 07:00-16:30
The beautiful city of Ayutthaya, founded in 1350 by King U-Thong and the ancient capital of Siam. Magnificent ruins of the old city still remain, some having been restored, and archaeological excavations are still proceeding at many sites in the area.
Price: 1,850 baht
This popular attraction is 32 kms west of Bangkok, situated by Tha Chin River, it boasts large, beautiful and well-maintained gardens. There is a Thai Cultural Village performing Thai folk dancing, Thai boxing, sword fighting and elephant show.
Price: 2,600 baht
DAILY: 7:30-12:00 / 13:30 -17:00
Wat Trai Mit, well known for its famous Golden Buddha, constructed during the Sukhothai period.
- Wat Pho, is one of Bangkok's oldest and largest temple housing the gigantic gold plated reclining Buddha with beautifully inlaid mother-of-pearl soles.
- Wat Benjamabophit (The Marble Temple) , this magnificent monastery was built with white Italian marble from Carara...
Price: 1,250 baht
This tour takes you to visit the world famous bridge on the River Kwai, built during Wold War II by the prisoners of war. After lunch takes you to visit Wat Luangtamahabua or Tiger Temple to visit the temple that looks after the orphan tigers in the canyon, you can touch them and take pictures with them...
Price: 3,700 baht
DAILY 07:30 - 16:00
It covers an area of 170 acres and is divided into two parts , the safari park and the marine park. The safari park houses a large-size animal such as tiger, lion , giraffes, zebra, hippotamus and etc. and they are free in an open space. The marine park exhibits the marine animal and performances from dolphins, sea lion and even orang utan.
Include buffet lunch...
Price: 1,800 baht

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